Addiction and Recovery

alcoholicAddiction and Recovery

Understanding Addiction

This is an online course about addiction which explains the Christian World View. It explains the why and wherefore reasons that addiction happens and is a social concern. Answers and helps are given throughout the course to provide for those who suffer from addictions. There is also discussion about the different methods and protocols of treatment and why they are used and the probable results that may come from their exercise. Click on the bold green title to access each study lesson.

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Then Jesus Came . . . Deliverance
from Addiction

The result of the first occasion.
Audio Discussion 37 minutes

The Devastation of Addiction
Excess – Escape
Audio Discussion 38 minutes

The Devastation of Addiction
Its Appetite
Audio Discussion 33 minutes

The Devastation of Addiction
The Three Step Solution for Recovery.
Audio Discussion 41 minutes

The Chemical Gospel
All sin is addictive, not just opioids.  Questions dealt with are: “Why do people initially experiment with narcotics?” ” Why do people continue to use illicit drugs?”  Detailed in this film is the issue of choices, the aspect of “escape”, and the effort to satisfy needs or desires.
Audio Discussion 45 minutes.

Understanding Addiction
Discusses further the fight or flee nature of man, in particular the flee or “escape” mechanism and why man chooses this option.
Audio Discussion 41 minutes.

Understanding Addiction: Seeking Escape (Part 2)
This portion emphasizes the need to minister to “running People.”
Audio Discussion 41 minutes.

Understanding Addiction: Addressing Desire
This portion also addresses demand which leads to the slavery of addiction.
Audio Discussion 42 minutes.

Understanding Addiction: Solutions from the Biblical Perspective
This lesson discusses the whys of the consequences of peoples life choices. It also explains the benefits and successes of a Biblical World View.
Audio Discussion 38 minutes.

Understanding Addiction: A Solution Based Ministry
This lesson discusses reality beyond sin itself, the effect of a post church age, and the effect of the extensive rise of Pantheism in our culture.
Audio Discussion 39 minutes.