Music Policy


To provide guidance, protect, encourage and inform.

Music, having originated in the heart of our eternal Holy God, is moral. Its design and intent is purposed by the Creator. Music is not amoral. Music is a language in and of itself, an exquisite means of communication and expression.

Therefore, music must be in harmony with the vocal expression as a sensible form of language. We sing unto the Lord that He might be praised and exalted. God is our primary audience. We sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to one another that the people of God may be edified.

Therefore, our music must be doctrinally scriptural, philosophically biblical and ministered by those who are separated unto God, personally and ecclesiastically. The vocalists and instrumentalists aiding in worship and service shall be they who give evidence by their Spirit-filled lives that they are being conformed to the image of Christ. Thus, shall they render their ministry of music in a manner consistent with His holy nature.

Therefore, our worship music will be traditional versus modern, conservative not contemporary, sacred versus secular. Some forms of non-worship music, such as classical, marching band, patriotic, or traditional folk music is appropriate depending on the occasion and venue.

However, rock music…whether Christianized, countrified, or contemporized…shall not be utilized at Grace Baptist. And such music is certainly not recommended for the Christian home.

Furthermore, the styles which convey music such as jazz, blues, rap, pop, or “band” shall not be a part of life and worship here. We stipulate that Southern gospel music that is in keeping with the letter and spirit of this policy statement may be used in our worship services.

The Pastor, as the one charged with the responsibility for the entire scope of ministry within the church, shall likewise have oversight of the music ministry.

This policy, as sanctioned by vote of the church, will be effective the same day as approved.

Note…As this statement is in a process of refinement and thus subject to further clarification and alteration, any changes will be subject to church review and approval.

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